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      業務聯系第二十二事業部 | Business Connections
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          Global Business Unit 22 is subordinate to Weihai Textile Group IMP&EXP CO., LTD. For years, we have been providing excellent services to customers from home and abroad in the principles of sincere cooperation and exploration spirit. Our main products include various kinds of knitted T-shirts, woven padded jackets and down jackets, top-grade co-ordinate suits, British business menswear, golf clothes, fancy outdoor riding sportswear, etc, which are sold to most markets in North and South America and Europe.
          We always keep quality first and customers supreme as our business objective and actively exploit and build specialized production teams. Up to now, we have owned a large group of professional and technical personnel. Our subordinate factor y is Dishang Huajia (Qingdao) Garments CO., LTD. Its site is 15,000 square meters and its building area is 4,700 square meters. At present, it owns seven woven garments production lines and two knitted garments production lines with over 300 workers. It is professionally engaged in producing various kinds of outdoor jackets, ski suits, etc with waterproof finishing, down jackets, top-grade Polo shirts and a great many other knitted garments. It is capable of passing different audits including BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP, Wal-Mart, etc and its annual production capacity is more than 600, 000 pieces. Moreover, we own oversea mills in Bangladesh for producing high-end products with highly demanded requirements. The factories’ sustainable development and expansion is strongly supporting the increasing orders and outputs.
          近年來,我們與國際眾多歷史悠久,且享有良好聲譽的著名品牌合作,如GUESS, LEE , CK, BROOK TAVERNER ,PING等,同時也是迪尚集團自主品牌IZOD的主要供應部門。
          In the recent years, we have been collaborating with a great number of well known and respectable brands with long history all over the world, such as GUESS, LEE , CK, BROOK TAVERNER ,PING, etc. Meanwhile, we are the main supply department of self-owned brand named IZOD of Dishang Group.
          We insist on thinking from the customer's point of view, holding on well at the current situation, looking forward to more bright future, keeping growth in exploitation and innovation and offering the customers more excellent services in principles of trustworthiness, fairness, wittiness and practicality.


          事業部長—李強       手機:18663137185   郵箱:liqiang9417@dishang.com

          業務經理—莊旭光     手機:15606317820   郵箱:zhuang@dishang.com

          業務經理—李華鵬     手機:13356310860   郵箱:lihuapeng@dishang.com

          業務經理—張俊峰     手機:13376318917   郵箱:zhangjunfeng@dishang.com

          業務經理—魯錢泉     手機:13336317575   郵箱:tony.luly3@dishang.com

          業務經理—辛冰       手機:15562108686   郵箱:xinbing00544@dishang.com
          Key business leaders:
          Department manager: Liqiang    Telephone: 18663137185   Email: liqiang9417@dishang.com
          Business manager: Zhuang Xuguang Telephone: 15606317820  Email: zhuang@dishang.com
          Business manager: Li Huapeng     Telephone: 13356310860  Email:lihuapeng@dishang.com
          Business manager: Zhang Junfeng  Telephone: 13376318917 Email: zhangjunfeng@dishang.com
          Business manager: Lu Qianquan    Telephone: 13336317575 Email: tony.luly3@dishang.com
          Business manager: Xibing         Telephone: 15562108686 Email: xinbing00544@dishang.com
          威海紡織集團進出口有限責任公司                     第二十二事業部
          WEIHAI TEXTILE GROUP IMP&EXP CO.,LTD.           Global Business Unit 22

          地址:中國·山東·威海市文化西路186 號                 郵編:264200
          Add: No.186 West Wen hua Road,Weihai,Shandong,China     ZIP:264200


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